Stay safe from Coronavirus with this new App!

A new app has been released called "COVIDSafe". It aims to help health officials find people who might have been in contact with others with Coronaviurs and has been supported by doctors, nurses, business and banking groups around Australia.

The app uses Bluetooth to record when you get close to someone who also has COVIDSafe on their phone, so if someone you get close to has the virus, health authorities can contact you.

Health Minister Greg Hunt said on Sunday it will "save lives and protect lives."

"It's about assisting and finding those cases which may be diagnosed in the community. . . and to ensure our doctors and nurses, out health workers, our families and friends are protected."

Prime Minister Scott Morrison said only health authorities can access the data your smartphone is collecting. Contact information collected by someone's phone is only downloaded by a health officer if the person gets COVID-19 and gives permission.

If you are worried about privacy, you can use a fake name when registering on the app.

You can download COVIDSafe on Apple and Android smartphones right now!

This information was adapted from an article on SBS News:


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