National COVIDSafe 3-Step Plan Explained

The Australian Federal Government recently announced a three step plan to slowly ease COVID-19 restrictions around the country. However it will be up to each state and territory to decide when and what restrictions are eased. Here's a quick explanation of what is included in each step and who it will affect.

Step 1

Stage one lets us sit at local cafes, eat at small restaurants and spend time with family and friends. Here's the breakdown:


- 5 adults and their dependents can visit a home at any time

- Community centres, libraries, sports fields and educational facilities will start to reopen

- Groups of up to ten people will be allowed to gather outdoors

- Funerals may have 20 mourners indoors or 30 outdoors.

- Weddings will be capped at 13 - the couple, celebrant and ten guests.

- Outdoor sports of less than 10 people will be allowed including reopening swimming pools.


- Restaurants and cafes can only sit up to 10 customers at a time.

Step 2

More people will be able to come together, travel between states might resume and gyms, cinemas and galleries will reopen when states ease restrictions in stage two. Here's the breakdown:

- 20 people will be allowed to gather outdoors, indoors and in public

- Restaurants, cafes and other businesses can sit 20 customers

- Weddings and other religious gatherings can host 20 people, while funerals will allow 50 mourners

- Tattoo parlours, beauty and massage therapy stores may reopen as long as they keep a record of contact information of clients

- People can return to the workplace

- Regional travel in a state or territory will be allowed as caravan and camping grounds reopen

- Interstate travel could be allowed, however it is up to individual states and territories to decide when their border restrictions are eased

Step 3

Life will be on its way to returning to normal when states implement the third stage of easing restrictions.


Gatherings of up 100 people will be permitted with some larger events allowed on a case by case basis. This includes weddings and funerals.

Cafes and restaurants will also be allowed to host 100 people, but they will need to follow the rule of four square meters per person.


Breakdown of 3-step plan (source: Australian Department of Health)