Stuck at home?

Here's 10 fun things to do!

The world is a bit all over the place right now because of all the panic about coronavirus (COVID-19). It’s normal to feel overwhelmed or stressed by it but don't forget to take care of yourself. Maybe use this time for some well-deserved self-care activities. You can do everything below at home too! 


1. Get active! 

Yes, everyone says exercise is great for our physical and mental health but sometimes it can seem boring. But don’t worry, there’s a heap of different types of exercise you can do at home whether you’re a beginner or gym-junkie. Check out some fitness centred YouTube channels or search your phone’s Appstore for a fitness program you’re interested in. Here’s a few free ones lots of people enjoy. 

- Yoga with Adrienne 

- Nike Training Club: 

- 7 Minute Workout app (iOS and Android app stores).  


2. Be Zen 

When we’re stressed about stuff like coronavirus and stuck at home, our minds get a bit messy. Take 10 minutes to practise some mindful exercises, like meditation. You might find yourself much calmer when you’re inside all day. If you're not sure where to start, try some free meditation apps:


- Anxiety Reliever: 


Smiling Mind: 

If meditation is not really your cup of tea, have a go at doing an everyday activity in a mindful way. Try removing any distractions and fully focus on the task. It could be something simple like when you’re drinking tea, think about your senses (smell of tea, taste, warmth of the cup in your hand etc.) Some people enjoy writing creatively about it too! 


3. Talk to your friends 

Even though we can’t see our friends in person right now, try to keep in touch with them using text, messenger, facetime, or even an old-fashioned phone call! Ask them how they’re feeling and share your experiences if you feel comfortable. You could even create a group chat where everyone shares a positive thing that happened in their day. 


4. Explore the Well Together Website 

Looking for more ways to keep positive or find out more information about COVID-19? Checkout some of our other posts on Well Together! Also, keep reading this post for more things to do at home. 


5. Be your own chef


Healthy eating is important, but when you’re stressed nothing beats a yummy, fresh homemade meal, especially if you cooked it yourself. Ask your friends or family for their favourite recipe or have a quick search for recipes on google. Check out our post on healthy food choices in quarantine for some healthy ideas! 

It might be hard to get some ingredients right now at supermarkets so if you are running low or not able to get certain things, that’s ok. Keep your meal simple. You can always swap out missing ingredients with similar ones. It never hurts to get creative so Google “(ingredient) substitute” for things you don’t have. 


6. Turn off the news 

Between the news or social media, we’re all getting overwhelmed by COVID-19 stories and updates. It’s important to be informed but try to reduce how much media you’re looking at to a couple of times a day and use trusted news sources like the ABC and SBS. If you feel yourself jumping to social media when you’re bored or isolated, take a break and do something else for a change like things we’ve talked about here! 


7. Be your own DJ 

Music can make you feel amazing sometimes! Hop on Spotify or YouTube and make a playlist with your favourite songs. Make a group playlist if you want and invite friends to add their favourite songs too! If we’re getting really fancy, you could make multiple playlists for different vibes/moods (e.g. rainy day, feeling happy, ready to dance, etc.) 


8. Clean, clean, clean! 

You’re probably spending a lot more time a home now, so why not do a big clean-up and turn your house into a space that feels great to be in. Don’t worry about going all Marie Kondo and throwing out every little lings in your house in a day. Try organising for five minutes each day. Pick a cupboard or shelf to start or a few things around the house and find new places for them. 


9. Watch or read something positive 

Being distracted can be great! Stream or watch something that makes you feel happy or helps you zone out from everything around you. Some popular shows right now are Brooklyn 99, The Good Place and Nailed It on Netflix. YouTube is also awesome to because it is free! Search for relaxing or funny videos. 


If you like reading more, go for it! Head to your bookshelf and pick out a classic or something you’ve been wanting to read for age. If you don’t have any books at home, then download some e-books. 


10. Choose a new hobby 

Why not? If you've been wanting to start getting better at stuff like drawing or playing a musical instrument, then now's the time! If you are thinking about learning a new language, Duolingo is a great place to start learning some new words. It is free too! YouTube is also a great place to find tutorials on almost everything. 

If things are getting a bit much... 


Even if you have been focusing on self-care, sometimes life can still get overwhelming. If you are feeling like you need help or support, there are plenty of great telephone and online services. 


- Lifeline: 13 11 14 or online 


- Kids Helpline: 1800 55 1800 or online 


- Headspace: online 







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